Platinized Silicon Wafers

Thin titanium dioxide/platinum films for bottom electrodes deposited on four-inch silicon wafers. The platinum films can withstand up to 650 in oxygen for one hour with no roughening or hillock formation. Radiant will coat the electrode with 20/80 PZT or 4/20/80 PNZT if requested.


PZT and PNZT Wafers

Several compositions to choose from of sol-gel PZT ranging from 600 Å to 1.8µ in thickness:

20/80 PZT from 600 Å to 3000 Å

4% niobium doped 20/80 PZT from 600 Å to 1.8µ

9/65/35 PLZT up to 2500 Å

15/0/100 PLT up to 1200 Å

52/48 PZT from 3000 Å to 1µ (A 300 Å PLT seed layer will be under the PZT)


Radiant Technologies has a complete integrated ferroelectric capacitor process running on 5-micron design rules. Capacitors as small as 5µ on a side up to 1 centimeter on a side consisting of 2600 Å 20/80 PZT or 1µ 4% niobium-doped 20/80 PZT. The capacitors are passivated with Radiant's patented interlayer dielectric stack allowing them to be packaged in TO type transistor packages. A set of design rules and a pre-formatted wafer file in GDS-II format are available upon request. At some time in the near future Radiant will expand the foundry process to allow the fabrication of piezoelectric cantilevers, membranes, and platforms. Please contact us with any requests.