Thermal Testing

Multiplexer & Reliability Testing

Radiant's Precision Multiplexer 2018

The Precision Multiplexer 2018 provides an interface between a Precision Materials Analyzer to test multiple capacitors at one time. The Precision Multiplexer 2108 is two 1 x 8 channels with separate relays on each channel. The Multiplexer 2108, signal input and output connections are rated to 500V. The Multiplexer 2108 is its own stand alone USB controlled instrument and can test at hot or cold temperatures. Control of the Multiplexer 2108 is done through Vision software and the host PC.


The Radiant D2850C Multiplexer and 8-Position High Temperature Test Fixture for at-Temperature Testing

The Radiant D2850C Multiplexer provides an interface between a Precision Materials Analyzer and multiple capacitors under test inside a thermal chamber or oven.

The multiplexer has two banks of 8 relays electrically isolated from each other with an SMA connector for each relay on the bottom of the enclosure. Each channel is rated to 500 volts.

The unit can be controlled either by I2C from a tester or directly by USB without a tester.

Vision can control all channels individually as well as measure the chamber temperature with an embedded Type-T thermocouple.

Compatible Chambers that can easily accept the installation of our Multiplexer are:
Delta - 9028, 9039, 9059, 9064, 9076
Delta Chambers quoted upon request.

Detailed Information Radiant's D2850C Multiplexer