Multiferroic II Ferroelectric Tester

Multiferroic II Ferroelectric Tester

The Precision Multiferroic II Ferroelectric Tester is the most advanced test system on the market. The Multiferroic II has a unique frequency rating of 270KHz at +/-100V built-in to the system. The Multiferroic II tester makes testing of thin films and bulk ceramics a fast and simple process. It captures 32,000 points at 2 MHz to achieve exquisite frequency resolution in DLTS or PAINT measurements.

The Precision Multiferroic II is offered with a variety of internal amplifiers. The Multiferroic II is offered with a ±100V, 200V and 500V built-in drive volt option. The Multiferroic II can be expanded to 10kV with the addition of a high voltage interface and an amplifier.

Includes Vision Data Acquisition and Management System Software

A Library of 155 measurement, analysis, plotting, program control, and documentation tasks.

An Editor to arrange multiple tasks together from the Library into a Test Definition.

An Execution Engine to read and execute the Test Definition

An amorphous database engine to Archive everything that happens in each Test Definition.

The Precision Premier II executes hysteresis, pulse, leakage, IV, and CV (and many other tasks) measurements without changing sample connections. With the addition of extra fixtures, the Precision Premier II can measure pyroelectric properties, magneto-electric properties, transistor characteristics, cryogenic properties, bulk ceramic and/or thin film piezoelectric properties.

Vision dramatically increases the productivity of the researcher, reducing the time required to acquire data in an experiment. Vision's enhanced productivity directly reduces cost of test. Vision dramatically increases the complexity of the research that may be accomplished by allowing researchers to combine different measurement tasks with environmental controls into an automated test procedure managed by programmable logic embedded with automated data collection, analysis and plotting tools.

Materials Testers running under the Vision Materials RDP Operating System reduces Cost of Test by a factor greater than 10 over any other ferroelectric tester.