High Voltage Test Fixtures

High Voltage Test Fixtures (HVTF)

High Voltage Test Fixture (HVTF) Rated to 230°C – A unique Teflon sample holder for bulk ceramic Devices. This sample holder is meant to be used at room temperature, used with silicon oil, or be placed in a chamber. The HVTF is made of high-temperature Teflon and is able to withstand exposures of up to 180°C continuous or 250°C for short periods, making it ideal for both high-voltage and high-temperature testing. The HVTF seperates into two parts. The sample is placed in a chamber in bottom half of the fixture. A copper electrode fixed in the bottom of the chamber contacts the electrode on the bottom of the sample. A 25KV cable connects the copper contact to an external 25KV electrical connector. The bottom chamber is sealed so it may be filled with insulating oil to protect the sample from the arcing that may occur in "openair". The top half of the fixture fits over the bottom half, sealing the chamber. The top half of the fixture has an unclamped copper electrode that is held in place against the top sample electrode by gravity. This contact is free to move up or down to allow for varying thicknesses of sample.

High Voltage Test Fixture (HVTF) Brochure

High Temperature Test Fixture (HTTF)

High Temperature Test Fixture (HTTF) Rated to 650°C – The Radiant Technologies High Voltage/High Temperature Test Fixture (HTTF) allows the testing of bulk ceramic capacitors at temperatures up to 650°C and 10,000 Volts in a muffle furnace or tube furnace. The fixture is constructed to allow easy loading of the sample and to prevent stress cracking of the fixture at high temperatures. The test fixture is constructed of MACOR™, a Dow-Corning machinable glass ceramic. The high temperature, high voltage cables delivered with the HTTF are constructed from high temperature nickel wire inside ceramic alumina tubes. The cables with their shields are rated to 10KV and are rated for use in temperatures up to 650°C. The cable has no asbestos insulation in it.

Two sizes are available of the HTTF Fixture

High Voltage High Temperature Test Fixture (HTTF) Brochure

3" High Temperature Test Fixture (HTTF) Brochure

Heated Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Bundle 230C

The Heated Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle includes a Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor, Heated Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Measurement Test Fixture, and Advanced Piezoelectric Software. The Heated Bulk Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle allows samples to internally be heated to 230C in a self-contained test fixture. The heating unit is built-in to the sample holder, so no additional temperature chamber is necessary. The bundle's simple user interface is controlled by Radiant's fully automated Vision Data Acquisition Software.

Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric Test Bundle

The Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric Test Bundle includes a Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor, High Voltage Displacement Measurement Test Fixture (HVDM) and Advanced Piezoelectric Software. The test fixture provides a safe operating environment for testing at high voltages and is rated to 10kV. The fiber optic sensor detects the amplitude of non-coherent light reflected from the sample surface to determine the distance from the sensor wand to the sample surface. The Bulk Piezoelectric Test Bundle is a cost effective option for researchers measuring piezoelectric displacements on the order of one micron or larger using Radiant testers.


High Voltage Displacement Meter -HVDM

The HVDM allows Radiant's Displacement Sensor to monitor the piezoelectric displacement of the sample in the HVTF during high voltage testing. As well, it decreases the effects of external vibration noise on the measurements and improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the displacement measurement.

High Voltage Displacement Meter Test Fixture (HVDM) Brochure