Heated D33 Bulk Ceramic Piezo/Pyroelectric Test Bundle

Heated D33 Bulk Ceramic Piezo/Pyroelectric Test Bundle

Heated Bulk D33 Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle to 230°C


The Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle is a cost effective option for researchers measuring piezoelectric displacements (converse d33 measurement) on the order of one micron or larger using Radiant testers. The heated test fixture provides a safe operating environment for testing at high voltages (10kV) and is rated to 230°C. The fiber optic sensor detects the amplitude of non-coherent light reflected from the sample surface to determine the distance from the sensor wand to the sample surface.

The Bulk Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle allows samples to internally be heated to 230°C in a self-contained test fixture. The heating unit is built-in to the sample holder, so no additional temperature chamber is necessary. The bundle's simple user interface is controlled by Radiant's fully automated Vision Data Acquisition Software.

Note: Piezoelectric displacement vs. temperature profile requires manual recalibration of the displacement sensor at each test temperature due to changes in the test fixture dimensions.

Heated Bulk Ceramic D33 Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle Brochure