DE 204

DE-204 Cryocooler

The DE-204 is our midrange cryocooler. The extra cooling power comes in handy for systems with multiple windows or with a large number of wires. The modest price difference between the DE-202 and the DE-204 also makes the DE-204 a worthwhile investment if you want more options for future expandability and upgrades.

ARS manufactures both the cryocooler and the laboratory interface allowing for seamless trouble-free integration of our laboratory systems.

The DE-204F is just the bare cold head geared towards OEMs and system builders who prefer to build their own custom laboratory interface.

Our DE-204 cryocoolers are typically equipped with an instrumentation skirt, either bolt-on aluminum (DE-204E) or welded stainless steel (DE-204I), with our unique double o-ring design that allows for easy attachment, alignment, and removal of the vacuum shroud. The instrumentation skirt acts as the interface to the vacuum chamber and environment. This is where you have the vacuum sealing surface along with instrumenation for either electrical, liquid, or gas feedthroughs.

The DE-204E is the economy instrumentation skirt that is bolted to the flat flange of the cryocooler. It has a rubber o-ring that is used as a sealing surface between the cylinder and the base of the skirt. This economy skirt is made out of aluminum and comes equipped with a vacuum pumpout port along with two instrumentation ports. The laboratory skirt interfaces with the vacuum shroud by double o-ring which allows for rotation and alignment under vacuum.

The DE-204I is the high performance instrumentation skirt. This skirt is made out of stainless steel and is welded directly to the cylinder of the cryocooler. This welded, all stainless steel construction allows for a high vacuum sample. Vacuum levels of 10-8 Torr can be achieved with a stainless steel shroud.

The ARS manufactured DE-204B is a true UHV cold head (10-11 Torr) where all of the rubber o-ring seals have been replaced with welded joints and metal seals.