DE 202

DE-202 Cryocooler

The DE-202 is a compact, axially symmetrical, small cooling power closed cycle cryocooler. Its small mass makes it uniquely suited for many manipulator and goniometer applications. This cooler is ideal for small heat loads such as sample cooling in R&D applications. It is available in several geometric variations: customized for rotation in a tight space, UHV, and with extensions to reach deep into a user's equipment. High temperature interfaces and high temperature stability modifications can also be provided.

DE-202F cryocoolers for OEM sales are sold with a flat flange. These systems can also be equipped with an instrumentation skirt.

DE-202E cryocoolers have an economy instrumentation skirt which is bolted to the flat flange of the cryooler and interfaces with a rubber o-ring. The skirt acts as an interface, where the double o-ring is the sealing suface for the vacuum shroud. The instrumentation skirt comes with a pumpout port along with two additional ports. The one port is an electrical feedthrough for sensors and heaters while the other port is available for expandability.

DE-202I cryocoolers have a high performance instrumentation skirt that is made out of stainless steel and is welded directly to the cryocooler. When teamed with a stainless steel vacuum shroud, a high vacuum sample space of 10-7 Torr can be achieved.

DE-202K cryocoolers were designed to integrate with the Newport Kappa.

The DE-202G was designed to fit into the Huber 512 and 5020, 4 and 6 circle goniometers with a cryostat mount. The small radial clearance of rotation makes it uniquely practical for these applications. The DE-202*G is ideal for many other manipulator applications where rotation of the cooler in a tight space is important.

The ARS manufactured CS-202B is a true UHV cold head (10-11 Torr) where all of the rubber o-ring seals have been replaced with welded joints and metal seals. A CF flange is welded directly to the cryocooler.