DE 100

DE-100 Cryocooler

The ARS manufactured 100 series Single Stage Cryocoolers reach temperatures below 25K and are tuned for maximum cooling power in the 77-150K range. These cryocoolers are ideal for large stage cooling or fast cooldown applications.

The DE-102 is our lightest, lowest cost single stage cryocooler, suited for small projects requiring fast cooldown.

The DE-104 is our intermediate single stage cryocooler, well rounded in speed and cooling power. When upgraded with our turbo option the DE-104T has an impressive 60 W of 77K cooling power.

The DE-110 is our largest, highest cooling power single stage cryocooler. Topping out at 310 W at 150K, this is the best choice for very large stage or high heat load applications.

The 100 series cryocoolers are typically just the bare cold heads (DE-102F, DE-104F, DE-110F) geared towards OEMs and system builders who prefer to build their own custom laboratory interface.

However, because ARS manufactures both the cryocooler and the laboratory interface we can customize all of our single stage cryocoolers to allow for seamless, trouble-free integration with our laboratory interfaces.