DE 100

Closed-Cycle Cryogenic Probe Station

The ARS manufactured PS-CC Closed Cycle Cryogenic Probe Station provides a high vacuum cryogenic environment of up to < 4 K - 800 K (with appropriate high temperature interface) for measuring multiple devices consecutively without breaking vacuum or warming the system. The ARS PS-CC Probe Station features up to eight probes with 1 μm sensitivity, 2 inch measurement area, < 1 μm vibration levels, fast sample cooldown, custom wiring for DC and microwave measurements (0-67 GHz), large optical access and optional 7:1 zoom microscope with ring light.

ARS manufactures both the cryocooler and the probe station at our headquarters in Macungie, PA, USA. This integrated approach ensures consistent performance and also facilitates diagnostics and service of the integrated system.